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About 707 Marketing

 Larry / Lawrence Chasse707 Marketing is an Auburn, Maine based marketing company that specializes in Internet Marketing for businesses.

Our business is built on providing visibility into the results of programs. Making informed business decisions is important in a fast paced business environment. Marketing is too important and changes too much not to track and test constantly.

We also offer a full web marketing solution for businesses, including website development, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, blogs, conversion improvement, and web analytics.

707 Marketing is a locally owned and operated business in Auburn, Maine.

What to expect working with me?

Your Business Goals
The first part of any engagement with 707 Marketing will include a session where we go over your business goals. We need to understand what your goals are in order to make sure the campaigns match your goals. Any creative and content will be defined by these goals.

Execution of Campaigns
The execution phase is where we will launch your program, monitor its performance, and make adjustments as necessary. This phase may include testing several different versions of campaigns to find the formula which works the best. Communication is key in this phase as we work together with our clients to adjust for the best performance.

Measure For Success
The most important phase of any program is the measurement. 707 Marketing is dedicated to making sure we move the needle in the right direction. We will get your results and take the learning to make improvements to the program.