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Marketing Services

Your Internet Marketing Strategy is only good if your business is winning. 707Marketing takes the strategy of growing your business by not just grabbing the latest and great tools, but by sitting down and fully understanding your business first. We want to fully understand who are your customers, what is your business model, and what your businesses road map is moving forward.

Online marketing mix

Why do we care so much about you? Sometimes the designated “pros” will just jump in and start building campaigns, ads, web pages, and press releases without a strategy. The only way for us to create a winning strategy for you is to sit down and understand your business. We are so committed to helping you win, we never charge for what we term the learning phase of an engagement. We will spend the time learning about your industry, customers, and strategy before we recommend a strategy.

The most important piece of your strategy is to be able to measure the success of any programs we help you launch. Whether we are working on an email marketing campaign, search engine optimization, or online advertising, we need to be able to measure the impact. We set KPIs or Key Performance Indicators with you before we launch the program so we can work together to make the program a success.

Marketing is all about testing and tweaking until performance is at its peak and then test and tweak some more! If we are doing our jobs, we are always changing and creating value to customers. Want to get help with your online marketing mix? Contact us today to setup an appointment.