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Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization

How much traffic are your emails generating today from local searches? Do you know if your content is optimized for the search engines? Are local customers searching for your products or services and missing you?

707 Marketing will sit down with you and understand your business goals, products, and services through a strategy session. As part of our commitment to your business we never charge for the strategy session where we are educating ourselves on your business.

Search Engine Optimization

The field of SEO has become polluted with snake oil salesmen who will create content and links for very cheap all over the web.  Google and the other search engines want to provide value to their customers.  What this means essentially is that search engines are more concerned with value added content and user experience than they are with buying cheap links and creating amateurish content.

Does this mean you can abandon SEO on your company or organization’s website?  No, this just means you should be hiring someone who knows how to market your brand effectively.  Links are great, but 10 links from great sites are better than 10,000 links from link farms.  Paying $100 for one well thought out article is better than paying $25 for 7 poorly written and copies of other articles already all over the web.

How is your user experience on your website?  Have you done a survey with your customers or looked at your analytics deeply?  These are also big hurdles to doing well in the search engine rankings.  For real SEOs and Internet Marketers this is a good time.  When you get all those emails from someone with poor spelling or form organizations who cannot measure their value in real data, run.

I help companies and organizations with search engine optimization by looking at the whole picture.  The goal is to build a brand and by doing that, SEO will follow. The proof is in the measurable results and all the brands we have represented have increased their search exposure and referral traffic by engaging with us.

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