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Website Services

Website Services

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The first thing a lot of small business owners say to me is “I had this guy do my website a while back and do not really know what he did, but I needed to get up and running and he was cheap”. That statement bothers me, because you are spending your business’s hard earned money on services.  We make sure what we provide you is fully transparent and you understand what you are getting for your money!  We work for you and are your employee when you sign up for services from us.

No matter where you are, or how small your operating budget, 707 Marketing can help you improve your website, marketing campaigns and other online activities.

What we will provide:

  • Website brand – Is your current website representative of your brand?  Are you marketing effectively to your most important target market?
  • Usability/Architecture – How do your customers find information or products on your site?  Is it easy to navigate or do your customers get frustrated and leave?
  • Usability – We can design specific tasks for users to accomplish online and receive direct feedback on how easy/difficult completing those tasks are.
  • Web Copy – You have seconds to capture a customer’s attention on a site.  Is your copy communicating effectively?  Do you have a good hierarchical structure for your copy, making it easy for clients to read information?
  • Marketing – Do you have calls to action on your site?  Can you look at a page and understand your next logical step immediately or is that information somehow buried?  What are your goals on each page?
  • Competitive Analysis – We will get who you believe are your top 3 competitors in the market currently and we will do analysis on each of these competitors to help you find opportunities.

Call us at (207) 613-7070 today to schedule your consultation or contact us for more information.