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Photoshop Tutorial – How to Brighten an Image

How to brighten your image using Photoshop.

Some versions of Photoshop may be slightly different.  Just consult the help menu to find their location if it is different.

My wife is a well known Maine artist and her work is all over the state and beyond.  We make cards and prints of her work, which allow us to have several price points for our customers.  Our photo studio is not a professional one with consistent lighting, leaving us to depend on mother nature sometimes.

Depending on mother nature when you need to get an order in for new prints for our retailers can sometimes not work out well.  The nice thing is with Photoshop, we can make the images look more like the paintings when the photography does not cooperate.

Enjoy a short tutorial on how to brighten your images if they come out too dark.

(This can also be used to make an image too light, darker.)

Have a great day!

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