Digital Marketing Services

We love what we do and we help clients in many different areas of digital marketing.  You won’t find any big industry terms or jargon.  We just work hard, test and build upon our learnings.

PPC Marketing


Pay Per Click advertising is core to everything we do here at 707 Marketing.  The best way to reach new customers is to make sure we are in the right place.

PPC marketing provides us the tools needed to reach new customers and continue to reach our best customers.  We are a Google and Bing partner agency.



Reaching customers who have already been to your site is one of the most cost effective ways to increase revenue.

Doing remarketing in a manner that is tasteful is also important.  We work to balance the return with customer experience.

Amazon Shopping

Amazon Marketing

Over 40% of retail searches on the web begin on Amazon.  If your product catalog is already on Amazon, we can help run campaigns to increase your visibility.

Amazon is a great channel to increase your sales, but also gain even more brand awareness for your products.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)


We all want the top rankings organically in Google.  We can help you get better rankings and do the best practice items.

SEO is the mix of many activities and we can help with some or all of these.  Think technical, content, links, and PR.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and whatever comes up tomorrow.  Need help reaching your audience?

We have team members who really understand user behavior within social media and we can building your brand or getting new customers.

Paid Display Advertising

Display Marketing

Display marketing can be a great way to reach new customers with your brand or launch a new product.  Effective display marketing can work very well.

New tools for more dynamic display ads and reaching new and current customers are making display marketing more relevant to consumers.

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