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AdWords – Biggest Change of 2016 Now Available

If you have not logged into your AdWords account yet today, you may not have seen the new rollout by Google.  Google AdWords now has taken the expanded ad copy out of beta and made it live for all their accounts.

If you have not seen it, here is a screen shot of how the ad creation screen now looks.

Explanations of each line:

  • The first line has the url
  • Headline 1 is 30 Characters of text and Google appends a – at the end, which you can see in the screen shot.
  • The second headline is also 30 characters long.
  • The path is nice, because now we get two spaces to help the customer understand where they will be going.
  • The description is 80 characters of copy, which is a lot longer than anything we have had before.  It allows us to put more of the why in its place to encourage the click-through rate more.

Google AdWords Text Ads

The change is really great, however you should be cautious.  If you oversell your landing page you may see increased CTRs, but not subsequent increases in your conversion rates.  As a business owner or marketer always have the customer in mind first and foremost.  If you serve your customers well with accurate messaging you can see increased CTRs while also seeing increased conversions.

If you still prefer to use the smaller ads, you can select to go back to the older version.  I suggest beginning to run A/B tests with the new ad structure and learning how to get the most out of these.  Google may at anytime decide to make this new structure the only way to put your ads together, so you want to have all your testing and results done before then.

There are also advantages to being first, since you can get more share of the page with the larger ads.  🙂

Good luck and have a profitable week ahead!

Need help?  You can always contact me with questions.


Photoshop Tutorial – How To Remove A Background

Have you ever wondered how people are able to get just a head-shot on a Power Point slide?

I put together a quick video that will walk you through how you can select any object out of an image whether it is a person, phone, pet, etc…  You can then use this image in any other platform you need and it is nice and clean.

Hope you find this helpful and useful.  Have a great day!



Marketing Tip – AdWords Locations

I have been working on my online video course “AdWords Essentials for Small Businesses”.

Here is a quick tip on location marketing you can do within AdWords.